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Welcome to my sparkly clean and bright phone sex website.  For those of you that visited my old website, you will notice quite a difference. I’ve “sanitized” it quite a bit. I’m the same sweet and nasty phone sex operator that loves to talk about taboo things, you just won’t see the “off limits” topics in print as you did before.  Take a look around, read between the lines and use that nasty imagination I know you have!  You can probably build a nastier picture in your own mind than I can write about…giggle!  Thanks for visiting!  Please enjoy and don’t forget to call when you want to hear the really nasty things I love to talk about!

Anything Goes!

While I am limited as to what I can say in print (due to credit card company restrictions), what I talk about is a whole different story.  So many of the things I like to talk about, and do so openly and eagerly, I can’t put in print in my “public” area.   Keep in mind when I say “Anything Goes” I mean just that.  The nastier you get the harder I cum! So with that being said, I will leave it at that and let you use your imagination.  If you’re curious what those kinds of things maybe, just ask! 

Styled Just for YOU!

So what’s your style of phone sex?  How do YOU like it?  Do you like it slow, softly sensual, sexy and conversational?  Do you like it to build slowly and come to an explosive ending?  Perhaps “get the job done” hot, fast, rough and nasty is more your style.  Do you like it slightly titillating and sensually erotic or do you like to get into discussions or role plays of the very taboo types of things that usually go unspoken?  Whatever your style, I will do whatever it takes to leave you breathless with your heart pounding and your head spinning and saying “wow” – I promise!

Cum with Me Behind Closed Doors

What’s inside of you burning to get out?  Do you keep it inside for fear of judgment or condemnation?  You certainly won’t find that here!  What do you think about that makes you cum so hard, but you’ve never uttered a word about it to anyone?  “Those” kinds of discussions are my specialty and what I enjoy most!  I will follow you deep into whatever TABOO discussions you wish to explore!  Or sometimes with the slightest suggestion, I may lead YOU down a path that you never dared venture down before that will make your cock rock hard to the point it will curl your toes!  THAT is my specialty!

Blog Preview

Sweet Southern Emma is back!

Well, it is now August 7, 2014.  In early January of 2014 I decided that I was going to redo my site and make credit cards available for my fun stuff that you might like to buy.  The credit card companies thought otherwise!  I tried over and over again to jump through hoops, I edited my site to make it “tasteful” with NO taboo topics(i.e. boring) just so it would work and they still refused. So fuckem! I decided that I am going back to my regular blogging and I will talk about ANYTHING I WANT TO!  The things I write about are factual accounts of things I experienced in my life.  Opening up and sharing the things I experienced me makes ME feel better (and to be honest, turns me on a LOT to replay in my mind.)  So I am going to continue.   Some people may take offense to my open book policy.  If you are one of them, please just close the book and go away.  I am not MAKING you read what I write. With that being said, I am going to continue getting my website back together.  I am putting back the blog posts I had to take out and then continue to add new ones. I am going to put some of my more “TABOO” items behind closed doors in the future for several reasons.  That will keep my freedom of speech more protected from prying eyes that may wish to judge me.  I will let you know when it is available!  Thanks for being here with me. Thank...

Lactation – Daily Milkings

Here again is something that I love to watch. I do it to myself with a machine every day – usually about 8 times. I would much rather find a milky friend like in the picture and do a mutual nursing… mmmm so much fun! I often talk to my phone sex friends while I am pumping the milk from my breasts. I get 5 – 7 ounces of milk from each breast each time I pump. If you call and would like to listen while I pump, just let me know! Enjoy Milking Time by...

Can You Tell When A Woman is in “Heat”?

So as the title of this post suggests, I have to ask the question… can you tell when a woman is in “heat”?  I know this is something that is prevalent in animals, but I didn’t think it was something that happened “consciously” with humans.  I was away this weekend on a hunting trip with a bunch of male friends.  During an evening around the campfire “Jeff” sitting to my left reached over and whispered in my ear that he knew that I was in “heat” and wanted to know if I wanted him to “take care of me” and “put out the fire between my legs”. The thing that caught me off guard was… yes…. I was in fact ovulating.  I was right in the middle of my cycle, but it isn’t something that I advertise by any stretch of the imagination  I smiled at him and told him he was being silly.  He looked at me very seriously and said that he knew in fact that I was ovulating because of how I smelled to him.  That also caught me off guard because I was afraid in some way I may be offensive to him.  He said “no… quite to the contrary”.  He said that every time he got near me, that his cock got hard and that it was a normal reaction for him when he is around a woman in “heat”. He asked me to take a walk with him and he would explain to me what he was feeling.  We walked down by the lake and sat on a log that washed up on the shore.  He...

A Semi Drugged Party Favor – At a Gang Bang

I was already in bed for the night when Mitch came in and woke me.  He told me to get up because he was taking me to a party.  Mitch liked to show me off at parties and I knew that.  I am sure I would be dressed really sexy for him.  Once I had showered, he brought my “party dress” down.  It was white and very sheer… almost like a virginal covering. I wore nothing underneath and no shoes.  He came in to hug me when I was dressed and  I felt the prick that I had felt before when he was taking me someplace he didn’t want me to know where I was. I was pretty much out of it then.  I was awake, but barely.  I couldn’t walk on my own so he picked me up and put me in the car.   When I woke up, my sheer dress was gone and I was blindfolded.   I was tied on what felt like an obstetrics table with my legs tied wide open.  I was already sore and felt sticky from cum so I know something had gone on but I could only imagine what it was.   I heard a door open. I could see a little bit of light through my blindfold.   I heard a party going on – lots of loud music and people talking.  I heard footsteps… then I felt hands on my body.  He was playing with my nipples and sucking on them hard.  Then a zipper unzipped… I felt the warm head of a wet cock push up against my cunt.  He went between my legs and...

Ejaculation – I Love When This Happens

Over the years one of the things I have always felt wonderful about is when a man ejaculates inside me.   It is like a special calm that comes over me, almost a hypnotic trance.  When I feel his cock pulsating and releasing his sperm inside me, I get very still and accepting – so incredibly submissive. When he is finished inside me, I lay down and am quiet for the rest of the day while his seeds work inside me.   It is a wonderful feeling and the ultimate gift a man can give a woman!  ...

Used as a Milking Slut

I was sitting here this morning pumping my breasts and had an amazing orgasm.  Part of it was because a friend sent me a video that I was watching while I pumped.  It reminded me of the days that I was used like she is being used by her master.  There is no doubt she is a submissive being used as a milk slut for his pleasure.  This usually happens 5 – 8 times a day depending on the amount of milk he wants from her!     More Milking by Irondell31...

4 Packs a Day with a Bourbon Chaser

Don’t you just LOVE this picture?  I have a cold right now and with a cold comes a raspy voice. I have to tell you the best laugh I have had in several days is when I found this picture. I am still laughing as I am typing this because that picture is honestly how I visualize what I sound like right now. I sound like I smoke 4 packs a day and do Bourbon chasers. Kind of like a 60 year old truck driver…. sexy huh…..?? Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE TRUCK DRIVERS… we have fun and delightful banter as they drive down the road. I just don’t want to sound like them…giggle…. just how you want to imagine your favorite sexy lady on the phone right??? I don’t think so! As I have mentioned several times before, I LOVE MY JOB! However there is a downside to being completely self employed. When I don’t work, I don’t get paid AND there is no SICK PAY! The good news is I don’t feel anywhere near as bad as I sound. I am just waiting for my voice to come back. I have been out for a week and hopefully it will be back very soon! The other down side is I get lonesome. I truly enjoy my friends I spend time with on the phone. They make me laugh, I learn so much from them, I feel sexy and I get to have orgasms throughout the day! I even get into an occasional quasi debate on various topics… (Never politics – that’s ugly) mostly what makes men and women...

Phone Sex – Is That Your REAL Job?

Quite often I am asked the question, “so Emma, what’s your real job” or “so what do you do to support yourself and your kids”?  I laugh every time I hear that as if what I do is not a real job…giggle. While it is a true statement I do have a part time job “socializing foals” which I do every morning for a few hours, it hardly pays me anything.  It is just something I love to do and would do it for free if I didn’t get paid for it. So the answer to the question is… unequivocally… YES! Phone Sex is my real job.  Honestly, I can’t imagine doing anything else!  I LOVE MY JOB!  I even find it difficult to call it a “JOB”.  Now let me ask you, what other job could you have where you can stay at home in sexy little dresses with no bra and panties on, talk to a few wonderfully sexy men, have orgasms several times a day… AND get paid for it???  How could you NOT love this job??? I hear so many exciting stories and wonderfully erotic fantasies and I love them all – well 95% of them anyway.  Yes… there are a few things that make me uncomfortable. EXTREME (pain/torture/death) doesn’t sit well with me so I choose not to discuss those topics.  Everything else, I love!  I really do mean that too!  Nothing is too “out there” for me at all.  It makes me realize how many different types of fantasies there are in our wide and wonderful world.  The best part is I get to hear them all. ...

Birth Control Sabotage

Birth control sabotage which is “control through pregnancy” is also known as reproductive coercion.  In a call recently the first words out of his mouth to me were “whoever raised you definitely did it right.  If more women felt the way you did, this world would be a much happier place”.  During our 45 minute conversation, he told me why he felt that way. He told me that he met his girlfriend when she was younger and he was 28.  She was from a good White Southern Baptist home.  He actually met her in church.  He went there “trolling”… it had nothing to do with the religious aspect of church which I found interesting unto self.  He knew he would find a good and “innocent” girl there and she fit the bill to a tee!   Charlotte was going to be his one way or another!  Their relationship started innocently.  At church functions they flirted for a while and then it got a little more serious. Charlotte was a delight, full of spirit and ambition.  It was at the summer pool party that he saw her body for the first time and decided he would definitely make her his.  He asked her out and she agreed to go out with him.  She told him not to tell her parents about it because they certainly wouldn’t understand and definitely wouldn’t approve!   After a few months of “casual” (meaning NO SEX) dating he pushed the sex issue a little further.  She seemed pretty grown up in a lot of ways, but in others a completely innocent little girl.   She was a virgin and told him that she...

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