Birth Control Sabotage

Birth control sabotage which is “control through pregnancy” is also known as reproductive coercion

In a call recently the first words out of his mouth to me were “whoever raised you definitely did it right.  If more women felt the way you did, this world would be a much happier place”.  During our 45 minute conversation, he told me why he felt that way.

He told me that he met his girlfriend when she was younger and he was 28.  She was from a good White Southern Baptist home.  He actually met her in church.  He went there “trolling”… it had nothing to do with the religious aspect of church which I found interesting unto self.  He knew he would find a good and “innocent” girl there and she fit the bill to a tee!   Charlotte was going to be his one way or another! 

Their relationship started innocently.  At church functions they flirted for a while and then it got a little more serious. Charlotte was a delight, full of spirit and ambition.  It was at the summer pool party that he saw her body for the first time and decided he would definitely make her his.  He asked her out and she agreed to go out with him.  She told him not to tell her parents about it because they certainly wouldn’t understand and definitely wouldn’t approve!   After a few months of “casual” (meaning NO SEX) dating he pushed the sex issue a little further.  She seemed pretty grown up in a lot of ways, but in others a completely innocent little girl.   She was a virgin and told him that she wouldn’t have sex under any circumstances until they got married which wouldn’t be until after she graduated from college.   He told me that there was no way was he going to wait that long to fuck this lovely young prize that he wanted to own!  He knew the only way to make her his was to train her slowly with a “mind fuck” kind of way.Sweet Southern Emma - his fingers in her panties

It started with sex.  He pressed and pressed and pressed and finally one night when he got her really drunk (which she didn’t know was happening), she finally opened her legs for him and let him take her virginity.  From that moment on, knowing that she was now a slut (as he told her so often), she became more and more cooperative to his control.  He convinced her that no other man would have a slut like her.  He would put her on her knees often and cum on her face and take pictures of it, confirming his ownership and control of his slut.   They started fucking regularly.  She had become quite a good little fuck toy for him, but now he wanted more.

Sweet Southern Emma - Pregnant School girl 2He wanted her to quit school and move in with him and she refused.  Still to this point her “ideals” and the amazing life she had planned for herself were still in tact. College was a priority for her.  She was going to start next fall.   He was going to fix that.  It was almost like a challenge for him to own her!  He said that she was a good student at that point and pretty strong willed so it was going to be difficult but it would happen.

He put a plan together to own her.  The only way he could own her was by getting her pregnant.  He knew that being from a good White Southern Baptist home that if he got her pregnant, her family would probably do something drastic like send her away or even disown her.  He knew her parents through church.  They were very strict.  He figured from the minute she said she would go out with him, but not to tell her parents, that she was trying to get out from under the pressure of being a perfect little girl for them.  Getting her pregnant was the only way that he could claim her.

He had trained her to be a submissive little slut to him – BUT – she always insisted that he use condoms on her.  She turned 18 in late October of her senior year in high school and he put his plan in motion.  She was now legal and her parents couldn’t have him arrested for fucking and impregnating their precious little girl.

He told me that he would fuck her doggie style and in the throws of passionate fucking he would pull out for a hot second, pull off his condom, Sweet Southern Emma  - condom eat her cunt for a minute, then put his cock back inside her bare and cum inside her.   She never had a clue that he was sabotaging their birth control efforts.  He also poked holes in the condoms in the tip so his healthy fertile sperm would make their way through deep into her womb.  Her “cycle” was easy to track so the only time he did that was during the few days that she was the most fertile so she wouldn’t catch on. 

She became pregnant immediately and was completely distraught.  Now he had even more control of her.  He called her even more names that she began to accept.  Being his pregnant bitch just seemed to fit.

She didn’t tell her parents right away, but when her belly started to grow with his baby inside her, she couldn’t hide it anymore.  Abortion would never have been an option for her and he knew that.  Then to his amazement, they really did exactly as he thought they would.  They called her a whore and a pregnant slut and threw her out of the house.  It couldn’t have been any more perfect.  At spring break she was 5 months pregnant.  She quit school, came to live with him and never went back.  The perfect plan worked.

He has since impregnated her 6 times in 8 years.   She now has 6 babies, no job, no high school diploma and could never leave him if she wanted to.  She has no way of supporting herself and no family to fall back on.  They truly disowned her.  She is 100% dependent on him… which is exactly what he wanted.  He got complete control of her through pregnancy by sabotaging what she thought was their birth control effort.Sweet Southern Emma - 6 babies

To be honest, I found this call perplexing in many way.  I felt sad for his girlfriend for losing her dreams but at the same time I hoped that she had learned that pleasing a man is the ultimate gift and the ultimate pleasure.

I began to think about the “what if” scenario for the circumstances of my life.  What if Mitch would have allowed me to keep all my babies?  Where would my life have led?  Would I still be there being bred as often as he could?  Would he still be alive?  Would my momma still be alive?  One never knows.  It is just a thought that ran through my head after our conversation.  Whimsical thinking is all!

I feel like I am the happiest person on this earth now.  I am so lucky.  I love my life just the way it is.  I am guessingimage05 that the “universe” or whoever it is that watches out for me and blesses me every day, had a plan and I am soooo thankful for that… every single day!

I would be very interested to hear your COMMENTS on how you feel about this situation.  Take a minute if you can and let me know!  Thanks! 


  1. Thank You my VERY Dear!

    i Love how You have BLOSSOMED despite the tribulations of your life! Snce i too have had many of those, i really do feel deep Magick from knowing You!

    i find this kind of predation to be something that would violate one of my very few limits.

    The calculated violation of consensuality is THE worst taboo, in my beliefs. Even worse than the other limit it crosses, age. The deliberate destruction of a life and manipulations like this are in my belief the deepest of wrongs.

    If this is true and not a fantasy, Your caller needs his birth certificate revoked!

    What is going to happen to his victim when he dumps her for another little kid! She needs to find some kinky friends who will LOVE that she has been slutty, and can help her find a life.

    It will get even more complex and nasty if one or more of his next victims are her children, boys or girls.

    i think i would very much LOVE teaching that Lady that being victimized should have NO guilt attached.

    i think i also would LOVE to teach her how to shoot!

    We could use a scrotum shaped target!

    LOVE YOU!!

    philly Bear

    • Thank you for your comment Philly. I truly appreciate your perspective! Part of me feels exactly the same way… and part me is happy that she contentedly allows him to impregnate her over and over again. I almost think her solace is in her many children. That is her new family! However, as you say, it would have been better if she had been a willing participant instead of a victim of birth control sabotage!

      • Hi Beautiful Darling!

        I always Love any touch we have!

        I too am glad that the victim supposedly is happy with her life, and i know that in reality if she truly is happy and completely under his spell, she might defend HIM! With force.

        i have seen too many times the aftermath of someone being broken as the victim was, and far far too often it leads them to very bad places, especially after he totally betrays her, molests the kids, or just abandons them to run off with a new victim.

        My Very dear Beautiful Goddess Friend, i had dreams of Being that victim lst night!

        And no milky sweetness here to ease me back to Beauty!

        Love You!



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