Can You Tell When A Woman is in “Heat”?

So as the title of this post suggests, I have to ask the question… can you tell when a woman is in “heat”?  I know this is something that is prevalent in animals, but I didn’t think it was something that happened “consciously” with humans. 

I was away this weekend on a hunting trip with a bunch of male friends.  During an evening around the campfire “Jeff” sitting to my left reached over and whispered in my ear that he knew that I was in “heat” and wanted to know if I wanted him to “take care of me” and “put out the fire between my legs”.

The thing that caught me off guard was… yes…. I was in fact ovulating.  I was right in the middle of my cycle, but it isn’t something that I advertise by any stretch of the imagination  I smiled at him and told him he was being silly.  He looked at me very seriously and said that he knew in fact that I was ovulating because of how I smelled to him.  That also caught me off guard because I was afraid in some way I may be offensive to him.  He said “no… quite to the contrary”.  He said that every time he got near me, that his cock got hard and that it was a normal reaction for him when he is around a woman in “heat”.

He asked me to take a walk with him and he would explain to me what he was feeling.  We walked down by the lake and sat on a log that washed up on the shore.  He said that from the time he was a teenager, he could tell by a woman’s scent when she was ovulating.  He said his grandfather taught him how women smelled and tasted different at different times of the month.   He said they used to have contests at family gatherings.  His Grandpa would stand by a woman for a few minutes and say yes or no and somehow they would confirm their suspicions with the women at the gathering.  He said that his grandfather was almost 100%.  It was a special sensory self training he had that he taught to Jeff.  

Jeff said that what began as a whimsical game with his grandfather became an obsession with him.  He said his obsession grew almost to the point of sexual deviance.  He found himself desperately wanting to “mate” with the women he knew were ovulating and would do almost anything to make that happen which got him in trouble a few times.  His desires and his obsession only settled down once he married.  He fathered 4 children before his marriage and then 6 more with his wife.  

He has since divorced his wife and his children are grown.  He said that it wasn’t an obsession with him anymore.  It was more of just a casual observation which he occasionally acted upon… like today.

During the course of our conversation his hands did begin to wander when I told him that his observations were correct.  At first his friendly hand was just running up and down my thigh.  After a small amount of time, they did find their way to the wetness between my legs.  I offered no resistance.  He was right, I was insatiably horny and wanted to be “taken care of” as he put it.  The good news was that he told me he had been “fixed” after the birth of his 6th child.  I have already been through two unwanted pregnancies this year… I was happy to know this wouldn’t be another one.  My jeans came down, I bent over the log and allowed him to satisfy my cravings a total of 3 different times during the weekend.  It feels so good to be bred during my cycle with no consequences…giggle.

I would love to know if this was a unique experience of if any of my delightful readers have the ability to “read” a woman’s tell tale signs of ovulation?  Please comment below – of course you can be anonymous..  but I would love to know!

Just FYI – This article confirms that in most men, it is a subconscious turn on….   Do Men Know When I Am Ovulating

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  1. Yes dearest, as I mentioned to you, once I know a woman well I can often tell where she is on her Goddess cycle by her scent and her taste.

    Since all women like all men are different individuals, and many conceal their lovely aromas with perfumes, it is not possible for me to always know about a clothed stranger.

    If I am tasting her, I may be able to tell. Of course if she already has some different people’s sperm inside her and has had some orgasms, that too can conceal her ovulation!

    Adoring You!

    philly Bear


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